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Howards End, E. M. Forster

Howards End, E. M. Forster

In this story of two sisters and their very different paths in life Forster voiced many of his apprehensions about the future, and it has become more relevant than ever as a statement of humane, civilized values, while its subtle characterization, its blend of irnoy and lyricism, its humour and its wealth of unobtrusive symbols, make it one of the great English novels.

'"Only connect..." Such is the epigraph of a novel much concerned with the relationships, and the possibility of reconciliation, between certain pairs of opposites: the prose and the passion, the seen and the unseen, the practical mind and the intellectual, the outer life and the inner' -Oliver Stallybrass.

Ésta fue otra de las novelas que hube de leer en la carrera. No la recordaba (el argumento, digo), así que su lectura me ha resultado nueva. Novela entretenida, muy British y a la que, en su momento, supongo que saqué mucho más miga que ahora, que he tomado como simple entretenimiento.

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